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    Our chutneys, jams, jellies  and syrups are hand-made in small batches from Somerset fruit and vegetables, most of which we grow ourselves. We are especially keen on time-honoured English fruits that have gone quiet in recent years – like medlar, quince and damson. And on traditional kitchen-garden staples, like runner beans and rhubarb. Growing our own, we strive to preserve the essence of our fruit and vegetables: picking the fruit ripe, and the veg young and tender, is central to our process. 

Our Orchard




The orchard had been badly neglected when we acquired it. Clearing away the nettles, brambles and briars that were choking our trees, we discovered a sleeping orchard rich in varieties of plum, apple, pear, damson, fig, quince and medlar. We have nurtured the trees back to health and planted many more, quadrupling the size of the orchard. We also have grape vines, and beds of gooseberry, rhubarb and red currant. We are well on track to producing all the fruit that goes into our preserves – all that is growable in Somerset, that is. 


Our Approach


We grow in order to preserve … plum, damson, apricot, quince, medlar, rhubarb, grape and gooseberry. Plus, in our ample kitchen garden, a range of vegetables and herbs for chutneys. We pick wild blackberries, and forage for such things as elderflower to scent our gooseberry jelly. Our jams and jellies are as light on sugar as we can get away with, and have a comparatively low cooking time: our customers relish their slight tartness, and prefer a wobblier consistency than you get in commercial preserves. 

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